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Chocolate + Fig Oatmeal

Updated: May 26, 2020

Please excuse my water hose… It has 3 jobs and a perfidious spouse, so I just leave it alone. Haha.

Anyways, this recipe comes together in 5 minutes and is SO creamy and delicious! Since it's so simple, you can easily add nuts, fruit, or whatever mix-ins or toppings your heart desires!

You can also omit the Cocoa, or add more depending on how intense you want the chocolate flavor to be. I love making these oats at night, mixing it with peanut butter and chilling it overnight for a quick breakfast the next morning!

Okay, okay, here is the recipe.

Author: Destinee

Serves: 1


¾ c. Quick Oats

1½ c Water or Plant Milk

1 T Cocoa

1 T Brown Sugar

1 T Maple Syrup

¼ t Salt

Pinch of Cinnamon

3 Figs, optional


  1. Combine Everything in a small pot or a microwave safe bowl. Microwave or cook on the stove top on medium heat until your desired consistency is achieved. Mine took 5 minutes on the stope top.

  2. That's it! Top it with whatever you want! I used figs and peanut butter and it was delicious!

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